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  Success starts with choosing the right partner to develop your business. For more than five year deliver high performance solutions to the information system needs of businesses large and small.

Pyramid Software was established in 2002 and soon become an appreciated company on the European Market.
Windows Application
The company success is given by Ra Workshop – software solution that computes windows and doors made with aluminum, Vinyl (PVC) and wood profiles. This application helps user make offers and generate all necessary paper work helping our customers take a big step ahead in the market war.
Custom Made Solutions
Our solutions integrate systems and processes from one head to another. Data are stored in only one place and shared thru all the company, increase the working rate, minimize the errors and set all the information to the people interested in. The processes can be extend to a secure mode so the efficientcy and safety will be as high as possible and the clients pleased.
In order to face today’s challenges in industry your company doesn’t need only a performing software solution. Best quality and prompt services are a must. Pyramid Software is looking for long term relationships with its clients so, beside licensing Ra Workshop software, it offers a large suite of services: technical assistance, training and installing, software assurance, etc.
Pyramid Software it's a romanian privately owned company, founded by Anghelescu Ion, Furnica Vlad, Mihalca Marius and Petrovici Andrei.
Incorporated in 2002, Pyramid Software has location in Bucharest, Romania.
10 full time and part time specialists.
Until now Pyramid Software have sold over 800 licenses. Our commercial region is represented by South-East of Europe(Romania, Greece, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Russia) and SUA.


Ra Workshop:
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