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The success of Pyramid Software always came from the strong belief in the value of the employees and their professional dedication. Even if we are a small company, the Pyramid Software employees have a series of benefits that makes us able to rival with the bigger companies.

CV's will be analyzed by the heads of the departments and only selected candidates will be contacted for an interview. There is no actual deadline of the selection, each time we will need a new member, we will choose from the CV's database.

Available jobs:
  1.  C# Programmer
         Job description:
            - Member in the Ra Workshop developing team. Job means that developing the application on specific requests.
            - Daily activity presumes using various developing environments for implementation of the received tasks.
            - Object oriented programming
            - Programming
            - C# programming
            - Net.Remoting
            - ADO.Net
            - Windows Forms
            - Web Services
            - Web Forms
            - MS SQL Server (SQL, TSQL)
You can send your CV, using the special e-mail address from Contacts or by filling in the form below:
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